Refurbished Instruments

Matt's Music Store offers the best in refurbished brand name gear at unbeatable prices! We select only the best pieces to offer to you at a fraction of the retail price! 

All our instruments come from the nation's largest distributor of used guitars, located in Franklin, TN. They receive instruments directly from manufacturers for various reasons including; overstock items, discontinued products, cosmetic flaws, minor repairs.

Most instruments sold at MMS have NO VISIBLE REPAIRS, unless otherwise posted. This means when the refurbishing factory received the instrument directly from the manufacturer, they inspected the instrument and determined there were no flaws. Each refurbished instrument is inspected, tested, and professionally set up by certified repair technicians.

Every instrument goes through five different inspections before being shipped. The factory who refurbishes our instruments is one of the largest and highest volume shops in the country. Their restoration shop has been awarded a "Gold" level certification from Fender and employs one "Gold," six "Silver," and several "Bronze" level repair technicians. The instrument then goes to the Quality Control Manager, and from there the manager decides which level of condition the instrument is in. The factory then lightly stamps "USED" onto the instrument. They also provide the instrument with a new serial number to avoid false warranty claims.

You can rest assure that every instrument is in excellent condition and sounds and plays like new. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Matt's Music Store refurbished instrument please message us at any time, thanks.

Click here to check out the award winning factory! This is where all our refurbished instruments come from.

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